Walter Montgomery

Walter Montgomery is a 40-year-old Cranberry Juice King and presently has enough money to retire and still live a very lavish lifestyle. His retirement may not be permanent though. He may eventually put his considerable energy and drive toward some other endeavor. Right now though, he is putting it toward his reality show, his life long love affair with outdoor sports and his personal life. Walter is currently experiencing a midlife crisis, though the word “crisis” seems a little severe when applied to a man who has money to burn, friends who love him and a supermodel girlfriend who’s nuts about him. One might want to hit him with a two by four to remind him how fortunate he is. Walter is aware of this, but he can’t help it. Everyone allows Walter his excesses, because he is basically a very good guy and a loyal friend. His most notable failure in life was his first marriage, the product of which is his 11-year-old daughter whom he adores but lives in New York. He can only see her during certain visitation times, and the fact that he feels he is missing out on her growing up is painful and keeps him somewhat grounded to the real world.