We follow an eclectic group of people who have decided to live together in a spectacular mansion on exclusive Red Mountain and do a reality series about – gee, I wonder who? – themselves. Actually, the reality show is a birthday gift for WALTER MONTGOMERY, a very successful investment banker who has decided to take a break from his high pressure job and decompress into “normal life.” Why does Walter want to do this? Besides being a reality buff, he’s in the throes of a midlife crisis and the show will provide a nice diversion. Of course, Walter’s midlife crisis means he’s already gotten all the fun he can out of owning a Maserati and he hasn’t quite evolved to the lets save the planet but keep my private jet phase. Yes. Insular? Definitely. But above all, it‘s very Aspen. The first few episodes establish the reality show, but the real focus is on our characters, their eccentricities, their foibles, their desires and their attempts to cope with reality or completely avoid it.