Macy Hartman


Macy Hartman is Madison’s cute and sexy younger sister who just graduated from the University of Colorado. She’s a rebel with tattoos and piercings and definitely generation “Y.” They have different mothers, but they are still close. Where Madison may have gotten her ego from her father, Macy seems to have inherited his business acumen. When she and her father had a falling out sophomore year and he pulled his financial support, she easily financed the rest of her education by setting up an Internet streaming business. Both sisters like to party, but unlike Madison, Macy has stayed under control. Macy is young, cocky and has a devilish sense of humor. She enjoys playing jokes on people but they are not meant to be harmful. She definitely possesses the invincible feeling of youth and even though she is younger, she often feels she knows what is best for others. Some times that’s true and some times it’s just rationalization for involving them in a scheme for her to make money.