Lenny Markowitz

Lenny Markowitz is a 35-year-old Hollywood writer who is employed by January to help formulate and run Walter’s reality show. A former “hot” writer, two failed marriages and a waning career made him jump at this opportunity where he will be paid well, live in a mansion and have time to work on a novel, which he believes will resuscitate his career. The novel is a Jackie Collins type of expose about life in Aspen and we’ll often hear the words he is writing at key times when they are glamorizing and contradicting what is really going on. Lenny knows his stuff and is secure in his knowledge when working on a television show but is insecure in the Aspen or any real “social” scene. He feels he has nothing to offer women, especially beautiful women and is very nervous around them in social situations. Being an Aspen outsider, he is our eyes and ears into this world and our audience will often experience what life in Aspen is like through Lenny..