January Beck

January Beck is Walter’s 30-year-old supermodel girlfriend who is gradually curtailing her 12 year modeling career and putting more effort into her new project. She’s opened Ohm Studios in Aspen, which provides classes in yoga, meditation, pilates, and dance. By the mere fact of who she is and what she does, January has her hand on the pulse of what’s happening and what’s the latest and Ohm Studios reflects that. Her long-range plan is to franchise it all over the country, but right now it’s just the one studio and it’s very successful in Aspen. A failed dancer as a teenager (“Failed” meaning the Joffrey Ballet turned her down), it never dampened her life long love affair with dance. For pure fun, she choreographs a hip hop dance troup, the “High Girls,” that practice at her studio and performs at various Aspen functions. January is smart, together, talented and independent. It’s taken her a while to get to this point and having been a top model early in life, she has a past that might crop up once in a while but she is definitely over it. She loves Walter and seems to understand him better than he does. In fact, January is the one who has arranged this reality show to help Walter ease into retirement. January has no time clock issues and is happy with her life. She is willing to give Walter slack to deal with his issues, but she is also a very smart woman and knows when it’s time to cut bait and go home. She’s not ready to do that yet, but Walter will push her close to that point during the series.