Donald "Ducky" Livingston III

Donald Livingston III, or “Ducky” as the group affectionately calls him, knows Walter since prep school (Walter was a scholarship student). Ducky was an extremely bright student who was on his way to Harvard Law School when he discovered his grandfather left him millions. He made a beeline for Aspen, immersed himself in a hedonistic life style and hasn’t left since. Ducky is definitely lovable and hard not to like, though people often shake their heads at his perceptions. He is one of those guys who seem to get younger (in attitude) with the years of partying. His enthusiasm for new things can be infectious, and he is always searching for more meaning in his life. He is currently learning yoga and meditation under the tutelage of James, whom we’ll learn about later. Deep down, Ducky is afraid to try anything that would involve failing. An example is his obvious ability in photography and his refusal to try to exhibit his photos. Walter often finds the urge to lecture his best friend Ducky on how to straighten out his life, but Ducky’s skewered logic always skirts the issue. Mix Kramer from SEINFELD with REVEREND JIM of TAXI, smooth him up and you’ve got Ducky.